Interview with Jeremy Evans about Sequel and not only

октября 22, 2011  |  Published in Sequel, Интервью

Russian version: Интервью с Джереми Эвансом (Jeremy Evans) о Sequel и не только

Hello Jeremy, please introduce yourself for RubyDev readers.

My name is Jeremy Evans.  I work for the California Bureau of State Audits, a small state government department that audits other government departments.  I’m the lead technical staff member here, responsible for the department’s programming, system administration, network administration, and database administration, among other things.

Outside of computers and programming, my main hobby is playing with my three year-old son.

Jeremy, tell me please what is the Sequel and how an idea of creating Sequel  born in your mind?

is a database toolkit for ruby.  It’s designed to provide an easy, database independent API for interacting with SQL databases.  It supports advanced SQL features not supported by other ruby database libraries.  It also ships with a powerful and flexible ORM called Sequel::Model.

I am not the original author of Sequel.  The original author was Sharon Rosner, and I believe the reason he originally created Sequel was because he was frustrated with ActiveRecord and wanted to create something better.  Sharon was working on a web framework called ServerSide, and Sequel was originally added as the database component of that (ServerSide::Database) in November 2006.  He extracted the database component into a separate library named Sequel in March of 2007.

From March 2007 until February 2008, he developed the library, and in March 2008, he decided he didn’t want to maintain it anymore.  I had recently submitted patches to add associations support to the ORM part of Sequel, and when he decided he didn’t want to maintain it, he emailed me and a few other developers asking if one of us wanted to take it over.  I accepted and have been working on improving the library since then. Read the rest of this entry »

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